Open 4X5: Family Comfort Food

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Family Comfort Food

Sorry I'm so late to post, i accidentally accepted the invite on the wrong account and it wouldn't work, but just now when I tried again it does. SO..

After our options for the class assignment I felt like doing something family oriented. Everyones parents makes a dish that just gives you this homey feeling, like being a kid again. Im going to photograph my family comfort food in all its italian goodness. This will also be a way to cook and eat real food for a while. I plan on the shots being memory like so tilt & shifts will be used and the setting will be somewhat plain on a wood cutting board that makes me think of my kitchen as well. Ill be shooting some polaroids as well because I feel the food should be documented in color or maybe ill just buy color film...i need to compare prices.

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