Open 4X5

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Family Comfort Food

Sorry I'm so late to post, i accidentally accepted the invite on the wrong account and it wouldn't work, but just now when I tried again it does. SO..

After our options for the class assignment I felt like doing something family oriented. Everyones parents makes a dish that just gives you this homey feeling, like being a kid again. Im going to photograph my family comfort food in all its italian goodness. This will also be a way to cook and eat real food for a while. I plan on the shots being memory like so tilt & shifts will be used and the setting will be somewhat plain on a wood cutting board that makes me think of my kitchen as well. Ill be shooting some polaroids as well because I feel the food should be documented in color or maybe ill just buy color film...i need to compare prices.

New Idea - Convenience Stores

So, after thinking about it I decided to change my idea.

I'm now planning on taking a series of photos of convenience stores, with the basis of conformity. Using the Bechers as inspiration, my goal is to take photos that although different, will be framed and shot exactly the same, to push the idea of conformity.

The Bechers have worked primarily in more of an industrial subject matter (water towers, grain elevators, cooling towers, etc.) Given my current location and generation, I feel that a convenience store is the most worthy candidate of such a study, although I am open to suggestion.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


For this project I will be photographing reflections in puddles. I will be focusing on the image in the puddle thus creating a soft focus around the puddle. I will be taking these either early morning or evening to keep out the reflection of the sun. I'm debating on if i want to have some human interaction with the puddle or just have it be the image in the puddle. I'm going to print these either 12x 18 on 13x 19 paper or some other smaller size on the 13x19 paper. some experimentation will be needed.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Open 4x5

Im not 100% on what I want to do for this assignment yet. I do know that i want to work a person. I am thinking about doing something with the feeling of loneliness. I have to find more places first before i deicide on a final idea. I have one in mind so far.


I plan on doing color portraits using black and white film. I'm still a bit unsure if I want to take the pictures in the studio or on location. Pretty simple overall, I might make them up a bit more than plain because that doesn't do too entirely much for me. We'll see.


Im not 100% convinced about my idea i might change it but for now i was wanting to do open spaces like landscapes and having a figure in the background where you can barely see them but its noticeable that their is someone. I would like the figure to be nude giving the idea of youth and nature and purity. Im still working on it not sure if i want to go with this idea just yet though.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

So for this assignment I want to take the ability of analog cameras to create double exposures to my advantage. I've been look at this artist (Link) for my inspiration. Still not quite how he created this exactly, but I want to definitely create my own spin.